Pig Wheels Tum Yeto Toy Machine Jeremy Leabres on the cover of Thrasher Magazine!

Congratulations to Jeremy Leabres nailing his very first magazine cover! Front blunt through the kink...a face melting experience, indeed. Witness this in motion picture format on October 17th when the "Re-Education of Jeremy Leabres" premiers exclusively on thrashermagazine.com!!
"Jeremy Leabres slays it! Front blunt through the kink ‘cause gapping past it would be too easy." - Thrasher Magazine
Photo: Rhino
Posted September 30th, 2014
most surreal thing to be flipping through this issue while kind of dozing off at 2am and realizing through the sleepy haze that i grew up eating fried cheese curds and watching old dude bands play ccr covers at the spot in the toy ad [leabres kicky 5-0]. it was as if those metal green rooftops lept off the page and punched me in the face. said hang on a hot second, and holy fuck when were you guys in racine wisconsin? gotta have the details on that slice of your road trip. how the hell did you end up there? super rad to see someone got in there and got some at a spot we were never able to get away with skating.
Posted By: d-ham on October 5th, 2014 at 09:35PM PST
oh shit nevermind i blew my chedd too quick on that one. pocket cam vid confirms i was in fact wrong - completely different spot. yeah what team is gonna street skate racine wi?
Posted By: d-ham on October 5th, 2014 at 09:43PM PST
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