Tum Yeto Pig Wheels PIG Wheels Cutlet: Cole Wilson

Who is Cole Wilson? We found Cole in a dusty old Kentucky coal mine last month. Look for more Cole Wilson soon, he's just getting warmed up. #ridetheswine
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Posted August 29th, 2014
Hey, my name is jaxon lawrence. I have been a huge fan of your product for quite some time now. It comes in great quality and is not so expensive. I was wondering if I could get some company stickers so I can paste them on my room wall and on my skateboard. If possible please do send them to 4645 sugar maple drive in Ottawa Ontario Thanks again. Keep up the good work and I will always be a huge fan of you guys.

Posted By: Jaxon on August 31st, 2014 at 06:28AM PST
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