Tum Yeto Toy Machine New Toy Machine Decks!!

Witness the new bloodsucking board series created by your benevolent overlord, Ed Templeton.

Illicit sampling of Matt Bennett's narco hitting the streets, cooked amongst this new board series dropping soon. Get injected with Toy Machine.
This sect woman of the night may or may not utilize her body for monetary gain.
Ha ha ha, the ultimate YOLO. This will show those kids at school who bully me; my death will be their fault. I should have got addicted to #toymachine, the most addictive drug ever. Skateboarding, right in the veins.

Mandatory wall hanger for every skatepark in the universe.

*Note to self: insert catchy ARM idiom to announce this new 8.125" Toy Machine Sect Arm deck.
1) Give your right arm for this board.
2) This board will not cost an arm and a leg.
3) Receive this new board with open arms.
4) This new board is like a shot in the arm.
5) Twist your Mom's arm to buy you this new board.

Posted August 25th, 2014

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