Tum Yeto Foundation Taylor Smith's Tee-Hee video part

T-Spliff has been on a killing spree this past year. Counting the last 16 months, Taylor has dropped 3 gnarly full length video parts. Today Thrasher Mag shared Taylor's latest video party in Tee-Hee; a video by Tum Yeto filmer Don Luong.  Check out his new part and peep Thrasher's photos and video coverage from Taylor's surprise pro party.
All photos courtsey of Thrasher Magazine. Click here to see lots more photos from the party.

Riley Hawk is hyped for his fellow Shep Dawg.

Kodi Boi taking care of the cake.

FoSkCo head honcho Tod Swank and his daughter Zoe came to party.

Corey ventured down from Duffleland for the celebration.


Video courtesy of Thrasher Magazine.

T-Spliff's video party in ShepDawgs Vol. 4

Video courtesy of the Shep Dawgs and Jacob Nunez.
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