Toy Machine Tum Yeto CAMP MOFOKA'S: Toy Machine X Volcom

In celebration of the life changing collaboration between Toy Machine and Volcom, Collin Provost and his Toy Machine teammates came to Volcom's private skatepark and proceeded to have a mind-blowing sesh! Watch the shreddage commence in the latest edition of CAMP MOFOKA's with Collin Provost, Johnny Layton, Billy Marks, Alex Midler, Matt Bennett, Jordan Taylor, Josh Harmony, Ed Templeton, CJ Collins, Tre Williams and Daniel Lutheran.

To see more from the #ToyMachineXVolcom collab go to:

Filmed by: Russell Houghton, Ant Travis, James Messina and Kevin Barnett
Edited by: Russell Houghton

Artist: Splashh
Song: "So Young"
Posted June 27th, 2014

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