Tum Yeto Foundation Zing Thing Party x Thrasher Magazine x Swank Zine PHOTOS

May 31st at TFR Gallery was the Zine Thing show put on by Thrasher Magazine & Foundation Skateboards. The show was inspired by our the Swank Zine Tea Pot deck that we recently re-issued. Here's a cellular photo recap of the night.

Line Up of the Show: Tod Swank, Ed & Deanna Templeton, Andy Jenkins, Rich Jacobs,
Michael Burnett, Sam Hitz, The Deadbeat Club, Wez Lundry and the Shep Dawgs.

Sam Hitz prepping for the show with his theLarbzine section.

The Larb and Michael Burnett's section "Nothing is Fucked".

Ed and Deanna setting up their Ninas Patineta section.

Clint Woodside prepping the Deadbeat Club offering.

Rich Jacobs made the trip down from Oakland,CA to participate in the show.

Rich's section: Move Zine


  Clint and Rich discussing all things Xerox and photography.

  Pro skater and publisher of the 1st skate zine ever, GSD, taking Rich's photo. Look up Skate Fate.

BB Baptista hit up the wall with some water colors to represent for the Shep Dawgs.

   Bendpress publisher and art director for Girl Skateboards, Andy Jenkins released Bend #23 for the show.

Jenkins has been in the FoSkCo fold for 25 years. He's got clips in the first F vid, Glam Boys on Wheels.

Andy's son Emmett contemplating lines to be skated at the Prince Park in Oside.

Rich digs the Swank offering.

Around 6pm the zinesters started rolling in to trade and purchase.

Lee Dog picked up a copy of the Larb.

Speaking of the Larb.

Jenkins, Swank and his daughter Zoe, and Sam Hitz with his son Bronson.

    Tum Yeto fam, Barker, Tyler, Tod and Zoe.

Ed & Deanna Templeton

Editor at Large for Thrasher Mag, Michael Burnett presented his zine, Nothing is Fucked, along with Shep Dawg photographer introducing his 1st zine, MASH.

Indy TM and Thrasher photographer Rhino was in attendance.

Larry Ransom discussing his zine "Purefun" with Vern Laird.

The legend himself, O made an apperance.

  B-Mack and the Nook picked up a copy of Skate Jawn.

Deanna and Clint managing the Deadbeat Club table.
Brad Walters and Morgnar from Active came to support.


Rich Jacobs drawing for a fan.

Tanner Cribs and Rowan Zorilla celebrating their first print zine, Shred!

Brian Howard and his family made the trip out.

Swank created some binders with original Swank Zines for fans to peruse.

    Tempster and writer of Thrasher's Zine Thing, Wez Lundry.

Ed offering a loyal pawn material for permanent injections. #toymachinetattoo

Elijah getting stoked out on the Shep Dawgs crew.

CJ and his homey Paco made the trip down south to trade their zine, Phatpile.

Publishers of Roll Dawgs Zine, Andrew Durso and Claire.

Jeff Halleran submitted his zine 7PlyMinds for the Open Table section.

    AJ Zavala being greated with open arms from his fellow SD, Tanner Cribbs.

2 Mikes. Gilbert and Blabac.

Slave overlord, Ben Horton and Lee Dupont enjoying the festivities.

"But do you remember #4 issue of Swank Zine, that one folded out into a poster."

"My Dad rides these."

 Man of the hour, Justin Lovely himself, Mr. Tod Swank.

Huge thanks to TFR Gallery for hosting the show!

    Volcom skate TM, Jake Smith and Thrasher marketing goon and TFR parnter, Dave Sypniewski.

    Zines featured on the Open Table.

Thank you to all the zine publishers who mailed in their zines for the show!
Purefun Zine
Bender Zine
Shortwave Zine
Roll Dawgs Zine
OK: Kate Fobert
Daniel Lawson | Reason 2 Believe
LunchBox Party
Dave Todon
The Coastal Bluff
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