Foundation Foundation Skateboards - Fifteen years!

And now a word from our Founder...Tod Swank.

Believe it or not, Foundation Skateboards is still here, alive as ever. Strong-armed into existence in 1989 when the infamous Steve Rocco wouldn’t let me ride for his new endeavor, I had the choice to start a company or take a hike. Starting a company was the last thing I ever dreamed of doing: workman’s comp, employees, accountants, licenses, leases, banks, on and on. But then there was always the skateboarding, being able to do whatever I (we) wanted, having the creative freedom to explore for better or worse - that was the hook. It was so crazy in the early days, I didn’t even know we were actually making a profit by year three until the IRS audited us. Holy shit.

The brand name was inspired by the Foundation series written by prolific writer and future-sayer, Isaac Asimov. Our brand is an ode to what can be, I guess. It goes beyond the actual art of riding a skateboard to all that skateboarding conveys: testing the limits of the unknown, the constant of what skateboarding creates in a homogenized mainstream civilization…looking beyond the impossible. What cannot be done? What cannot be accomplished? To hell with the naysayers!

So here we are. Honestly considered the most unlikely to achieve, amazingly we have, conquering all the ups and downs to bring Foundation to this point. We have an amazing group of team riders, who filled “That’s Life Flick” with a diversity of talents, incredible style and skills. We survive in the midst of the industry’s third market downturn, realizing and accepting that the consistent inconsistency of all our endeavors is the root of Foundation’s success, pushing skateboarding to the edge and test the unknown.

We have had some parties and even a company picnic once, but we have never celebrated an anniversary. We are going to do our best to celebrate our 15 years in our own style. Look for all kinds of specials for our retailers/partners throughout the year (ask your sales rep), and we hope to see you at our big shindig during ASR Fall 2004. There is also a book project in the works, headed up by Josh Beagle, Matt Barker, Dave Carnie, Mark Waters and myself with (hopefully) contributions from every team rider, artist, photographer, employee and friend we have ever had, or better or for worse. With the working title, "When You’re at the Bottom, at Least You Know Which Way is Up," it is set to be released for Holiday 2005.

I am honored to have discovered skateboarding. The personal challenges and demands of riding a skateboard pushed me further in everything I have done. Thanks to everyone that has contributed to our existence. Whether you loved us or hated us, all of you have added to the skateboard social enigma we call Foundation. As Isaac Asimov’s aptly titled fourth book said, so I say to all our friends and foes, past present and future: “Forward the Foundation,” this round’s on me.

Foundation Skateboards - 15 Years! Yea, we can't believe it either.

Posted May 3rd, 2004 by el ztaffo
I really want to be a sales rep for foundation... Ive been a huge fan since T.O.D. Ive been skating 16 years and know the industry inside out. I have a bachelors degree from UNLV. Im currently in the Salt Lake City area...

call me or email
Posted By: Chris Raymond on June 16th, 2011 at 12:58PM PST
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