Tum Yeto Foundation FoSkCo Files: Daniel Cutcliffe Interview

You come from a skate family, right? Who all skates in your family and how'd you first get into skating?
Yeah my oldest brother Pete got me into skateboarding when I was 5 and my middle bro just kept pushing me when I'd skate with him and his friends growing up. 

What are some of first memories about Foundation Skateboards?
I got hand me downs as a kid from the homies at Faith and one was a Foundation, I started backing the Yeto wood after that, I also watched Art Bars when I was like 8 which is a favorite video of mine. 

How and when did you first start getting flowed from Foundation?
Peter Karvonen (Faith Skate Supply owner) knew a rep named Reese and I guess they sent my footage to Sinclair? Not sure how it all happened but it worked out and I've been skating F's for 7 years now. 

Over all the years, how many minutes you think you've spent lurking in Faith? What's some of your favorite things about Faith Skate Supply?
I've been lurking around Faith for 17 years now and the best thing about Faith are all the homies I've met over the years, and Faith is a kick ass Core skate shop! 

Having grown in the Birmingham skate scene your whole life, what are some of your favorite things about the BHam skate scene?
The Bham skate scene has been growing so I guess that's the sickest thing, the skate scene has no skatepark in Birmingham so we skate the streets or drive to an indoor park 45 minutes away. 

I saw you and some homies were recently pouring some concrete for a DIY spot. What's the update on that. Do you guys build spots often?
We were building a qt. pipe and it's looking pretty good, if spots get built though it is all Peter to thank for afterwards since he puts most work into em, but we're all willing to help for sure! 

What's some of your favorite things you seen go down on the Ghetto Banks?
I saw Darren Navarette hand plant as he drug his tail down the fence for a tail smack on the way back in, I filmed one trick for R2B and it was Gravette doing a kick flip foot plant on the fence which was epic, but watching my buddy Jacob Hayes blasts big back side airs which is ridiculous. 

What is your idea of a perfect skate session/spot?
Perfect session is hitting the street with all the homies and watching them go for it gets me hyped. 

As Sinclair said: Two back to back ACL blow's and you still managed to come through will a kick ass part for Faith Skate Supply's latest video "Reason 2 Believe". How long did you take to film that part and your Wild Power part? Were both ACL tears around filming both of these parts?
It took about one year to film my Wild Power part, than tore my 1st one, when I finally got back on my board it took about a year and a half to film R2B until I tore my 2nd. 

How old were you when the first Reason to Believe video came out? What was it like for you when it first dropped and what skaters did you look up to in the vid?
I was 14 when Reason to Believe came out, I was stoked because it was a big deal, I grew up waiting on that video to come out and it was solid all the way through, Gilley, Hardy, and Rakestraw killed it, but Peter has the best part. 

Heard you're moving out West soon. Where abouts are you moving and what inspired the move?
I want to either be in Long Beach or San Diego, I just want to be around people skating all the time and having fun, doing the American dream basically.

That's awesome, looking forward to having you out here!

Photography by Daniel Lawson
Interview by Tyler Culbertson
Posted February 27th, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson
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