Toy Machine MIA's Lazaro Reyes: A Loyal Pawn

MIA Skateshop employee Lazaro Reyes is a bonafide loyal pawn. When he's not helping  facilitate our brainwashing efforts in the skateshop, he's in the streets of Miami shredding is face off.

Here's some epic skate photos of Laz, including his Top 5 favorite things about the Miami skate scene.

Top 5 Skate Spots in Miami
2.Allapatah Station
3.Brickell Banks
4.South Dade Hubba
5.Marlin Stadium

Photo: Matt Roy
Top 5 Miami skate legends
1.Ed Selego
2.Joel Meinholz
3.Lindsey Robertson
4.David "Pollo"Aroujo
5.Abe Bethel the miniramp champ

Top 5 things you do at MIA
1.Set up completes
2.Watch skate videos
3.Listen to the same music all day
4.Trying to figure out what someone is trying to buy they don't speak English or Spanish. That's always fun.
5.Making up new names for when people call the shop and ask for me.

Photo: Alex Reyes
Top 5 celebrity sightings at MIA shop
1.Sexy Sax Man 
2.Swiss Beatz
3.Little Wayne 
4.Justin Bieber(I wasn't actually there that day, thank god)
5.Seen Puff Daddy outside driving a golf cart

Photo: Matt Roy
Top 5 lurkers at MIA shop
1.Jeremy Chavez
3.Josh Narvaez 
4.John B
5. Little Mikey

Photo: Matt Roy
Top 5 best things about MIA shop
1. Showing up first thing in the morning and cleaning human shit
2. Non stop movies quotes with Chris 
3. Singing every song and adding the word "fart" to it
4. Working with the bros is always good
5. Overall good times. It's the best shop in Miami and the best dudes.

Photo: Matt Roy
Top 5 things to do in Miami when off the board
1.Go to the beach
2. BBQ at Josh's house
3. Video games with my little brother
4. Went to that new Perez art museum downtown, it was pretty tight.
5. Driving around looking for spots in the rain.

Photo: Alex Reyes
Top 5 Favorite Toy Machine Skaters
3.Donny Barley

Top 5 Reasons you're a loyal pawn
1. It's
2. Just
3. My
4. Shit
5. Toy machine bloodsucking skateboard company
Posted July 25th, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson
Fuck Yeah laz!
Posted By: Derrick on July 25th, 2014 at 11:16AM PST
Siiick this dude is tight
Posted By: Stonio on July 25th, 2014 at 11:18AM PST
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