The New 44" Dave Hackett Deathbox "Black Knight Bear Slayer" was tested over the weekend in one of the most grueling and intense Hi speed 1.5 mile long Banked Slalom Race: The 1st Annual Indian School Outlaw Race. Anyone familiar with the ditches of Alb. New Mexico will tell you that this is "God's Land of Ditches". It is like "The Hawaii of Skateboarding" says Hackett, who just raced his new "Black Knight Bear Slayer" board to 2nd place in this awesome event. The deck is made of the Deathbox "Thick Bitch" construction and easily withstood the hi speed and flexation/tortion of the Ditch at speeds of over 30 MPH. The deck was equipt with Randal Speed boarding trucks and Abec 11 83MM wheels with Oust bearings.

Hackett, 30+MPH contest run, charging Indian School. Note the two different Osiris shoes.

Posted March 26th, 2004 by SK8-RAT
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