Tum Yeto Dekline Jaws Loop Interview

Last Sunday, Tony Hawk invited some of skateboarding's finest to take a go on the legendary loop. Dekline pro Aaron "Jaws" Homoki was one of the few to nail it that day. Here's his story on the joing the "Loop Club".

TC: When did doing the loop first cross you mind? Did you ask Tony Hawk, or did he ask you?
AH:Tony asked me about the loop a long time ago when I first got on Birdhouse. He mentioned it and I told him I was down to give it a try. 

TC:How many tries did it take you?
AH:- It took me about 20 to 25 try's into the mats, then when the mats got moved it was 6 try's.

TC: How does this rank up with all the gnarly things you skated? Was this one of the scariest things you've done?
AH: No, it wasn't too scary. Its more of just a check off the bucket list of things I wanted to do skating. I felt very safe with all the mats and my pads on. 

TC: From the pictures on instagram, it looked like a lot of people were hanging out. Who was all there? Was it supposed to be a secret?
AH: It wasn't suppose to be a secret. I guess a lot of people have been claiming it so Tony just set a date and a time that it was going up and invited everyone they could think of. I don't know all the people that were there but to name a few: Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, Tom Scharr, Josh Stafford, and Alex Perelson. 

TC: Was it easier or more challenging than you thought it would be?
AH: It was pretty much how I thought it was gonna be. All you do is just ride, don't pump, don't extend your knees, don't do anything, just let it take you for the ride. 

TC: Now that the loop went down and that's checked off your bucket list, what's next on your schedule?
AH: Make Mike Sinclair one happy camper and film the absolute best part I can for the Dekline video. Put my blood sweat and tears into it just to here Mike say "good job" and crack a smile. 

Interview by Tyler Culbertson
Posted October 22nd, 2013 by Tyler Culbertson
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