Toy Machine New Toy Macine news!

Billy Marks has been on a media frenzy. He just shot a Fallen ad that’s due out any time now. He also just finished an interview for Skateboarder that will be out soon. In more humbling news Billy just survived gnarly car accident, some idiot was going off on the on ramp of his local freeway resulting in a totaled car, no worries though Billy is ok.

Diego The Butcher is on his way to Spain for about a month, to work on two interviews. One is gonna be for Dogway Magazine, from Spain, and the other one is gonna be for Sidewalk Surfer. He’ll be ripping all the south of Spain and Mallorca Island. Diego has been quoted as saying, “I just love Spain, I can't help it!!”

What's up with those Quizno's commercials?? "cause they are good to us!"

Posted February 25th, 2004 by el ztaffoo

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