Dekline Another Dekline success story.

Here's an actual product review, for the Dekline Rumors, we got from Derek Fettes of Spruce Groove, Canada.

"when I was eleven I got hit in the mouth with a baseball. my four front teeth were bashed out of my gums and were dangling to my braces that were do to be off in 8 hours. my braces are the only reason I didn't swallow, thus forever losing, my teeth....the Dekline rumor is like my braces. last night I rolled my ankle the worst ever, but it could, and should have been a lot worse. these shoes kick ass, they are comfortably snug and have unbelievable support and cushion. don't waste your money on other shoes and get these deklines!"

Posted February 20th, 2004 by The Dekline monster, mmmmm Deeeklinees.........

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