Tum Yeto For Skaters, By Skaters: Classic Skate Shop

There is small skate shop with big ideas, located in the biggest little city. That shop is Classic Skate Shop in Reno, Nevada.

Building a proper skate scene and providing quality skateboard products are some of those big ideas...and Eric Lantto (owner of Classic) creates those ideas into a reality. Classic Skate Shop has gained a loyal following in Reno,NV for one simple fact: the shop owner and employees are skateboarders who support skateboarding. Plain and simple.
Classic's "Shred Sundays" is a perfect example of how their shop is building a great skate scene, one session at a time. This Sunday grab your skateboard shred with the Street Sharks!

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Classic's Street Sharks on Shred Sunday!
Posted October 19th, 2012 by Tyler Culbertson

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