Tum Yeto For Skaters, By Skaters: McGill's Skateshop

The skateboarding community deserves a skateboard shop that is operated by people who live and breathe skateboarding. Encinitas,CA has been fortunate to have a shop like this since 1987. McGill's Skateshop is with out a doubt a 100% skateboarder owned and operated business. This has never been more true considering that Mike McGill is the owner of the shop. Mike is one of the original pro skaters from the Bones Brigade skate team and he is the inventor of one of the most revolutionary skateboard tricks of all time, "the McTwist". Mike's employees shred too! Check out McGill's employee, Matt Weiss pictured below.
9170mattweissgrindpopout_tiny.JPG 9170mcgillphoto10b_tiny.jpg
McGill's skateshop employee Matt Weiss is no stranger to shredding. 5050 pop out.
Posted September 12th, 2012 by Tyler Culbertson

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