Tum Yeto By Skaters, For Skaters: Humidity Skateshop

Humidity Skateshop is killing it in New Orleans,LA! Skate jams, building DIY spots, BBQ's, art shows, video premiers and filming sessions are just some of the things the crew at Humidity are doing to build a proper skate scene in Nola.

Philly (owner of Humidity) is the epitome of the "skater owned skateshop". Check out his noseblunt on this DIY spot in the Big Easy.

Skaters unite and support skater owned and operated skateshops! #supportyourlocalskateshop
9125phillynoseblunt_tiny.jpg 9125phillyfrontblunt_tiny.jpg 9125humidityskateshop2_tiny.jpg 9125humidityscenekills_tiny.jpg 9125humidityhomeys_tiny.jpg
Humidity's owner Philly shreds no doubt. Noseblunt on  a DIY spot in Nola.
Posted August 7th, 2012 by Tyler Culbertson

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