Tum Yeto Thrasher's "Kings of the Road".

Thrasher's "Kings of the Road" has come to an end and Tum Yeto placed second, falling short of 1st place by only one trick!! Everybody that participated in this road trip event kicked some serious butt!!! Highlights of the trip:

· Foundation’s Ethan Fowler showed everybody how tech he can get, busting front foot impossible 180s and a variation of 360 ollie flips.
· Gareth Stehr charged like a bull at the start of the trip, hammering out the gnarliest tricks, one after another. Then the fatal moment…just 3 days into the trip he busted his heel, putting him out for the rest of the trip. Gareth did end up f.s. sliding a hefty rail fully nude before he got broken.
· Toy Machines Diego "The Butcher" sported a speedo on the beach in Miami, FL - hilarious. He also got to make out with a 43-year old woman, earning his team 50 points, good job Diego!
· Johnny Layton destroyed spot after spot and won the best rail trick out of all the Kings of the Road riders by doing a nollie f/s feeble on a handrail! Johnny also made out with the 43-year old’s daughter, bringing in 20 points for the team.
· Pig Wood Rider Adrian Mallory was on a path of destruction for the whole tour, charging everything put in front of him: skating bowls switch, grinding rail barefooted, and just having the best of times. He krooked grinded a real hefty rail with a head high drop, winning himself the trip’s overall Most Gnar award.

The trip was great. Keep an eye out for the Thrasher Kings of the Road issue and the Kings video to witness all of the CHAOS!!!!

Posted September 24th, 2003 by Josh Beagle

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