Foundation Foundation news, plus a new rider.

Foundation is getting geared up to be part of the Tum Yeto team on Thrasher’s own "KINGS OF THE ROAD" event. The event starts on the East Coast August 15th and ends in San Francisco, CA on August 30th. Tum Yeto is putting together the best of the best team for this event. For more info go to

Matt Allen has flown the coop from his old team to ride for the Foundation Super Company!!! Matt is on a mission and will have a full-length part in the upcoming Foundation video entitled "THAT's LIFE".

Justin Strubing is still in beautiful Barcelona, Spain filming for his part in the upcoming Foundation video, while the rest of the team is traveling the US collecting hammers for sure.

After hearing Tony Silva brag about all the good spots he gets to skate in Colorado, Leo Romero booked himself a flight right away. Lee is now having a blast in Colorado with his friend and teammate Tony.

Corey Duffel nearly escaped death on the 88 Footwear tour when the team RV burst into flames while doing 90mph on the freeway. Everyone quickly jumped out and watched the whole RV just melt away. Evidently while everyone was stunned and still shaken up over the event, Corey Duffel was laughing hysterically, thinking that this was the funniest thing he had ever seen. After all this went down, the 88 team rented a new vehicle and will continue to finish the tour to Toronto, Canada.

Gareth Stehr will be visiting the south for the first time, meeting up with Pig Wheels and Dekline teammate Ben Gilley, and Patrick Melcher. They have a few demos lined up, plus a lot of chaos.

Posted July 21st, 2003 by el ztaffo

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