Deathbox The great Kona contest.

Kona Summer Nationals

The annual Kona Summer Nationals was held at the famous Kona Skatepark this year on June 13-15. It was an insane weekend filled with Bro's, Ho's and Pro's all competing for lot's of cash and serious bragging rights for the much coveted Kona Banked Slalom Title. As you know Black Leather Racers Steve Olson and Dave Hackett have dominated this event for years, and were the heavy favorites going in to the race. Sure enough, Olson and Hackett were in 1st and 2nd place right up until the last run when out of no where an unknown surf skater from Huntington Beach by the name of Bill Wahl (Who's Bill Wahl?) swooped in and took 2nd place away from Hack forcing him to 3rd place and $600. for his efforts! Olson of course remains the Kona Banked Slalom Champion as the Black Leather Racing team continues to dominate! After the event a Masters Pool riding competition was help in Kona's kidney pool with about 20 hard core pool rippers from all over the country. The event was sick as these guys shredded for over 2 hours in harsh humid 100 degree hot sunlit weather. Brewce Martin was going wild as he ripped and teared; Duane peters was pulling everything in his bag of HardCore on edge insanity and when it was all over the results were Duane Peters 1st, Chris Baucom 2nd, and David Hackett 3rd! Deathbox skateboards were all over the park and the Hooter girls were going wild! Many thanks to Kona owner Martin Ramos for an awesome event and great hospitaliy!

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Posted June 19th, 2003 by reported from Martin @ Kona

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