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A new Pig Wheels rider Amy Caron killed the girls contest at Slam City Jam and got 3rd place, she place 1st the two previous years. She was doing real tricks but just didn't stay on but she still won best trick.

Pig Wheels is very, very fired up about 2 new riders. Ben "The Barbarian" Gilley and D.J. Chavez are now among the many satisfied Pig Wheels riders. Hell yes! Pig just keeps getting better and better!

How fun would it be to combine the talents of all the Pig Wheels team into one person? It'd be incredibly ugly, I can tell you that. It'd be able to leap large buildings. He could French kiss 203 girls at one time and drink 2.7 gallons of beer in a second! What else could it do? Send in your best ideas to caca@tumyeto.net . The best answer will get his grill put up on the www.pigwheels.com site. Not to mention all of the stickers you'll get.

Pig wheels is chaulk full of good news today. We'd also like to introduce you a couple of innovative progressions in wheels design. First is the new Prime cut, it's a double-sided groove cut that reduces the weight of the wheel by a whopping 12%! And protects the graphics. Mixed with a new urethane formula that gives a harder wheel the resists flat spotting and improves traction.

Secondly, we are proud to release the new Gutter cut. A deeper sigle-sided groove that reduces weight by 16%! And protects the graphic. The offset bearing seating gives you more truck grinding area, protects the nut and axel and eliminates axel slippage. Another new urethane formula gives it a harder feeling wheel that resists flat spotting and improves traction.

Posted May 14th, 2003 by Animal Slayer

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