Deathbox Deathbox Mid-Atlantic Pool and Bowl Championship.

Mid Atlantic Series

It's happening!!! The time has come!!! We've always had ass kicking skaters in the mid-Atlantic, now we have a bunch of ass kicking pools and bowls to skate! Come out and see the best pool and bowl skaters at the Deathbox Mid-Atlantic Pool and Bowl Championship Series.

Several great skateparks, with awesome pools and bowls, have been popping up throughout the mid-Atlantic. To take advantage of the great parks and the growing hoard of pool and bowl skaters, Curt Kimbel and Jay Westcott, with tons of support from Deathbox, Surfrider, and several others, are organizing a three contest series for skateboarders of all ages and abilities.

Dates/Locations are:

17 May 2003: Charles County Skatepark, White Plains, Maryland.
14 June 2003: Vans, Woodbridge, Virginia.
28 June 2003: St. Mary’s County Skatepark, Lexington Park, Maryland.

Entry fee is $10, proceeds go to the Surfrider Foundation.

The contests will use a jam session format. Classes are: 10 and under, 11-13, 14-16, 17-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40+, and women.

The series winners for all 8 classes win Allian Snowboards!

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Posted April 28th, 2003 by Curt Kimbel

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