Ruckus Metal Winner for March!

Ricky______ the blank! Ricky the scandalish. Ricky the winner. Ricky comes to us from a far, far away land, where cheaters never win and winners never cheat. A land of cliche and honesty. None the less Ricky______ is the winner for the Ruckus box for March. Congrats Ricky_____! He is very excited and wants this victory to be one of great moral fiber, one of the willing, if you will. He wins a set of the new Ruckus Low Pro trucks in hornet yellow, a patended Ruckus multi tool, 2 tees, a cap, and some stickers. Woohoo. Ricky is from Florida and will be getting his package very soon.

If you too want to be unscandalish and free of guilt, then enter the contest. Just use the Ally oop menu and click on contests, duh!

Posted April 16th, 2003 by el ztaffo

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