Tum Yeto Thrasher May 2003.

Thrasher May 2003: Billy Marks is whooping ass and taking names! Kickflip 50/50 on the contents page. Corey Duffel’s first ever pro board graphic hits the streets! Toy Machine ad with the dates of the Berzerker tour. The first Dekline ad hits the streets. Billy Marks kickflip 5-0 on 78-79. First Pig wood ad, double page with Adrian Mallory. Again Billy Marks, kickflip crooks on 144-145. Tony Silva switch kickflip on 150. Josh Harmony backside heel on 161. Leo Romero gets a kickflip front board on 166. Win one of Corey Duffel’s new pro boards on www.thrashermagazine.com
Posted March 24th, 2003 by el ztafoo

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