Deathbox Style is everything.

Rickey Stiles is hanging loose with Jessica up in Portland. Keeping the wheels rolling and shooting with photogs, looking to get the photo incentives.

Dave Ruel - The Rueler has been seen on a desk above the coping at the deep end. Where a hang up = death! Mostly filming for the new Creeper trucks video, which could turn out to be a good flick, plus heís cracking the whip for the Chlorine video then going on a Creeper tour in March. Busy, busy at the bottom of a pool, and he ainít swimming!

Pineapple and girlfriend Julie McKay were last seen somewhere in Costa Rica plastering Deathbox everywhere and swagging out the local rippers, all up and down the coast!

Posted March 18th, 2003 by el ztaffo

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