Pig Wheels Josh Harmony on Pig Wheels?

Good news for Pig Wheels. Josh Harmony just switched over from Revolution wheels to the best wheel company in the world "Pig Wheels". Congratulations to Pig for picking up such an amazing skateboarder!

Pig Wheels is currently working on some cutting edge wheels designs and wheel formulas which will be released in up coming Pig Wheel ads. Some new formulas include a New and improved Dual Durometer Formula, New Power Core Formula, and a New Formula that will be next to impossible to flatspot. Pig Wheels is taking over!!!

The long awaited Pig Ceramic bearings are now in stock and flying off the shelves. Pig Ceramic bearings are proven to be the best bearing on the market.

The Pig Wood team is currently working on a video due out for Christmas 2003. This is you chance to witness the amazing talents of Adrian Mallory, Charlie Castelluzzo, Shuriken Shannon, and the rest of the Pig Wood team.

Congratulations to Adrian Mallory who now rides for Vans, Krux, and November Clothing in adition to Pig Wood and Pig Wheels.

Have you tried Pig Wood yet? Pig Wood is made with the strongest 7 ply maple which makes each board have maximum snap and lasts twice as long! Pig Wood is off the hooooooook!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Pig Wheels Team is - Kris Markovich, Ryan Wilburn, Josh Harmony, Corey Duffel, Richie Belton, Nate Broussard, Adam Crew, Adrian Mallory, Ethan Fowler, Neil Heddings, Brad Hiser, Don Nguyen, Leo Romero, Justin Roy, Mike Rusczyk, Daniel Shimizu, Tony Silva, Gareth Stehr, Austin Stephens, Charlie Castelluzzo, Dorian Tucker, Jon West, Shruiken Shannon.

Posted March 18th, 2003 by el ztaffo

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