Tum Yeto Transworld May 2003.

Guess what?!?! The new Transworld came in. Other than the crappy Gum and Sport Illustrated ads it contained the following:

Nate Broussard in an Earth clothing ad. Caswell Berry gets crazy with a steep 14 f/s lip in a Volcom ad. Kris Markovich, Justin Strubing and Corey Duffel in the 88 Footwear team ad. Emericanís in Paris by Ed Templeton on page 232. Pop Top pro series is most wanted on page 288. Corey Duffel gets an Eastern ad. Billy Marks in a split ad. Ricta spells Diegoís last name wrong in a Ricta ad, that is huge! If he doesnít land that, heís dead.

Posted March 10th, 2003 by Media Watch Dogg

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