Foundation Tommy Sandoval Tharasher cover story....

So I was driving to the HQ in downtown SD (proper!) and these skate type dude were all gathered up across the street at Farmers Market gap. I pulled up and said, "Hey you kids, you can't be doing that there. No skateboarding here." Mike "The Burn" Burnett from Thrasher was the ring leader on hand. He looked over at me and said, "Nothing of your interest here old man. Move along." Ha. That Burn is too funny. I went and sat on the HQ front steps and had my lunch while I watched Tommy do his attempts on this FS-flip.

Around the same time I was talking to Barker and he told me a story that Tommy used to come and talk to former F TM, Josh Beagle, to try and get on the team. Josh was all let's see your footy Tommy and Tommy said something to the effect of that he doesn't need the footy and he took Beags over to this gap and shredded it live for him. I guess Beags was not impressed.

Stoked to see this cover of Tommy come out. That spot is directly across the street from the F HQ. And I watched them shoot it. And now here it is. Kick ass Tommy. Sorry Beagle dissed you.

WTF! Summer 2011!
Posted March 31st, 2011 by swankzine
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