Foundation Tod Swank sponsored by Spacecraft!?!?

Spacecraft sponsorship?!?! WTF! Yes, believe it for not, I, Tod Swank, got sponsored by Spacecraft Collective. Seriously, I sent them my raffle videos and told them I have long wanted to represent Spacecraft. With my personal interests in space and beyond and the ties that Foundation Super Galaxy Company has there I just had to try. I just got my first box and I am siked. From Aaron at Spacecraft, "Right on! I was just waiting if it had reached you yet to get back to you. You are officially sponsored. We are not really sure what we are sponsoring you for but – hit me up with the link once you get it up on the blog. Everyone here will be stoked!" -Aaron Ross Manganaro US Sales Manager -Spacecraft

"I am stoked to be a Spacecraft Collective representative. I promise to be a good Spacecraft Collective representative." - Tod Swank

What is Spacecraft? The are a awesome artist collective and make kick ass head wear, accessories and tees and sweats. Check it out at

Demand from your local skate hack shop secret society members!
7833swankspacecraft_tiny.jpg 7833r0061309_tiny.jpg
TS on the roof of F-HQ in San Diego Proper. Downtown in background. He is wearing Neon Offender Light Pop Beanie and the Bear Camper Green tee. Green of course.  Thanks Spacecraft Collective! 
Posted March 28th, 2011 by swankzine
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