Tum Yeto Skateboarder April 2003.

Holy Crap! Austin Stephens got the cover rockin and hella-shish 5.0 down so many stairs that they dont fit in the picture!!

Caswell Berry is holding down a double page Volcom spread. Nolie front noseslide.

Don Nguyen with a big ass backside 180 in a Hurley ad, page 21.

Josh Harmony tosses his board to the sky or a tree, in an Etnies ad. 28-29.

Corey Duffel styling like only he can in an 88 footwear ad 60-61.

Diego The Buthcer throws himself down 4 threes and 3 flats 94-95.

Ed Templeton feebles 7 with a kink to 180 out 98-99.

Posted February 10th, 2003 by lurk mcnasty
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