Foundation Blazing Foundation!

Well as if you didn't know, Frank Frazetta is one of my favorite artists, ever! We got the inspiration for the Cataclysmic Abyss ( cover art from old Frankie! Mike Sutfin did a masterful rendition on his own right. (He did our cover art. I have the orginal and it's tiny teeny weenie!)

I was glancing through some Frazetta archive book and came across this cover he did for Blazing comics back in April 1966. I liked the lettering style so I asked, F illustrator extrodinaire, John McGuire, tod do a Foundation version for us. Ours is not a straight rip off. It's inspired and I am hyped on the end results.

We added Yuck Fou in there popping through the O giving a thumbs up. The top graphic is a full reverse and you see YF ass hanging out the back of the O.

It's called Blazing of course and comes in three sized decks and on a tee. Hot pink was the call here. Don't be a pussy!

7746blazingdecks_tiny.jpg 7746cataclysmicabyssart_tiny.jpg 7746448pxblazingcombat3_tiny.jpg
Gotta love em....
Posted March 2nd, 2011 by swankzine
Frankie draw the cover for Cataclysmic Abyss? Feel free to draw something a little more positive next time. Kind of hard asking my parents for that video for Christmas.
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