Foundation FOSKCO's secret society.

Leo Romero has recently jumped on a new clothing sponsor, Korda, along with Heath Kirchart and Brian Sumner. I havenít seen the line yet, but with a team like that, you can expect the line will be tough.

Corey Duffel is the newest pro on 88 Footwear. Word is Corey signed a sweet deal. A deal worthy of the level of skateboarding only Corey is capable. Check out his new ad out in mags now.

Strubing is off to Spain with his wife to meet the inlaws. Heís taking a videographer and photog to document the trip.

Mike Ruszcyk has nailed himself down a Strength interview. Eric Stricker says its 6 pages of Mayhem.

Daniel Shimizu couldnít take the lazy SD lifestyle anymore, so he moved back to LA. LA is more productive for him, so heís up in la la land filming for the rumored new F video.

Gareth Stehr has just returned from his holiday in New Zealand. Check his new ad with an unprecedented 22 stair ollie. He is the last of the international playboys. What a vegemite loving bastard!

Godzilla rides for Foundation! In a godzilla like tour of Japan! The Foundation team Ethan Fowler, Corey Duffel, Justin Strubing and Daniel Shimizu are going to be in Japan from February 4th - 14th. Ten days of demos, demoralization and licorice pizza! First off you can find them at all 3 days of Japan's Active tradeshow on Feb 5, 6, 7. A couple of demos at local parks on the 8, 9. Then alot of street skating for the rest of the trip. You will soon be able to see the trip unfold in an upcoming Transworld and alot of Japan media, including Transworld Japan, Thrasher Japan and the ever so famous Ollie.

Posted January 16th, 2003 by Dookie boy
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