Tum Yeto Inferior Media.

Skateboarder February 2003: Corey Duffel and Tony Silva on Veiwfinder page 20. Tony Silva is who’s hot on page 104.

Heckler #60 2002: 10 year anniversary. Look for Corey Duffel’s center fold. Ethan Fowler on Chris Pastras page 44-45.

Thrasher Feb 2003: Subscribe to Thrasher and get a free Madness and Mayhem video! On the subscription page. Corey Duffel’s big ass kick flip at the Damn AM on page 100. Of course Billy Marks won the Damn AM, check out hi flip to feebs on page 103. Diego tosses his carcass with a giant nollie, pg. 111. Austin Stephens with a mad shifty on page 113 and a 50/50 on 114. Harmony and Austin dressed up like women! And a Harmony f/s feeb on 116-117 plus a b/s feebs on 120. Justin Roy’s heads on 124-125. Corey Duffel hurricanes on 132.

Big Brother Feb 2003: Billy Marks killed the Damn Am. He also won it by the way! Kick board on page 88-89.

Strength Feb 2003: Hollywood complete giveaway on page 28. Corey Duffel throws a f/s blunt on a huge rail in Balboa park on page 30.

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