Foundation Madness and Mayhem now available!

This is NOT the Zero video! Foundation's Madness and Mayhem video is available and in stores now!

Madness and Mahyem is the feel good tour video of the year! A great follow up to last years bashing tour video "These Good Times are Killing Me!", Madness and Mayhem highlights Foundation's emmensly successful 2002 summer tours, the "29 Days of Madness and Mayhem" California tour and the "Dude! Where's my board?" European tour. There is tons of killer footy from both tours plus some bangers they've gathered since then. Featuring Ethan Fowler, Jon West, Justin Strubing, Daniel Shimizu, Corey Duffel, Mike Rusczyk, Tony Silva and new ams Leo Romero and Gareth Stehr, plus extra bonus footy from F friends. This video is full of great skating, fans and everyday shinanigans that happen on tour. Watch it before you're told about it!

...and you have the chance of winning a free copy! All you have to do is go to the scavenger hunt and answer the questions correctly and then you'll be entered for a drawing to win a FREE copy. All the answers can be found by surfing around Its madness I tell ya!


Posted November 22nd, 2002 by el ztaffo
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