Tum Yeto Gear 4 A Year & Toy Machine

Starting today skaters can upload/embed their videos for a chance to win Gear4aYear!
The winning rider will……
- Officially be put on the “flow” team of seven top skate brands for one full year including:
  GoPro, Toy Machine, DC, Quiksilver, Theeve, Bones, Dakine, and Armourdillo!
- Get their photo in The Skateboard Mag!
- Win a free week at Camp Woodward!
- Be entered into Tampa Am!

Also, everyday during Gear4aYear GoPro is giving away one free HD camera to their favorite video of the day. 
Even if you don't stand a chance at winning the contest, but have one good trick, slam, or just something unique you can win a camera!

For details on how to enter go to:  http://www.shredordie.com/gear4ayear

Posted October 1st, 2010 by Sinclair

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