Tum Yeto 411VM issue #55.

As some of you may know, the new 411VM is on point with coverage from Corey Duffel and Kris Markovich. Read this straight from the 411VM press release:

If you are alive and love skateboarding, then you know Corey Duffel has been blowing up every spot lately. He’s been breaking off rails twenty stairs at a time and never looking back. The time is now, Corey Duffel wins the grand prize in “Wheels of Fortune”.

Markovich. Markovich. Find out what it’s like to set up a board like Kris Markovich…find out what it’s like to break a board like Kris Markovich with a mini disaster!

Go check out the 411VM website for premiere info. Plus you shouldn't look at the premiere schedule...

Posted November 5th, 2002 by el ztaffo

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