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The much anticipated JAY ADAMS UNDERGROUND POOL DUEL will be postponed until JAY can be there. Since JAY is still on probation, he probably will not be able to leave the islands for a few months. But, that will just give us all some more time to seek out new never-before-ridden pools, get more $$$ from sponsors for prize money, and to fine tune the list of invitees. So far, the list is looking like this:
Tony Alva, Jay Adams, Shogo Kubo, Brad Bowman, Mike Folmer, Steve Alba, Steve Olson, David Hackett, Duane Peters, Eddie Elguera, Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain ,Ben Schroeder, Eric Dressen, Danny Way, Christian Hosoi, Tony Hawk, Colin McKay, John Cardiel, Omar Hassan, Bob Burnquist, Al Partenon, Mark Partain, Wade Speyer, Royce Nelson, Aaron Astorga, Dan Dreohble, Peter Hewitt, Sam Hitz, Mike Vallely, Justin Strubing, Christian Brox, Jimmy Moore, Steve Roche, Alex Chalmers, Chet Childress, Rune Glifberg, Tony Trujillo, Kris Markovich, Neil Heddings, Alan Peterson Brian Patch, Ricky Stiles, Dave Reul, Jimmy the Greek, Texas Dan, Tom Inouye, Doug Saladino

DEATHBOX skateboards has 3 new logo decks coming out and 2 new pro models to hit the shops by Christmas. The new Eric D model, and the new Dave Ruel model are looking S-I-C-K and will blow some minds. In addition to these new offerings, expect to see additional models from OG Z-Boy Jay Adams, Malibu Surf skater David Hackett, and the sultan of smooth style- Doug Pineapple Saladino. Other new products include tees, stickers, Hoodys and a DEATHBOX video.

Speaking of the DEATHBOX video; if you have ANY footage of DEATHBOX riders, Send an email to: info@DEATHBOX.COM and let us know about it. It could be worth some swag.

Since the Coup DeTat tradeshow DEATHBOX sales have been up!!! Thanks to all our Bros who ride and grind the BOX!!! We have also broken down many doors into better shops all over the world and will continue to do our part if you do yours! Many riders have emailed us at DEATHBOX complaining about not being able to get DEATHBOX Products. Believe me we feel your pain. The only thing we can do is to ask you to go to your local shop and DEMAND DEATHBOX!!!

Now a little update on the team:

JAY ADAMS is still living in Hawaii, and is about to move back to the North Shore for a heavy winter of North Shore Power Surfing. His Signature Adams DEATHBOX deck continues to be the top selling board along with the HACKETT. JAY also has a new signature shoe with Osiris (which is doing very well) and a new signature truck with Grind King.

BRAD BOWMAN has been seen ripping all over LA and the HB area. This month he is featured in the new Transword for an article on Skate photographer James Cassimus. BOWMAN shredded the Legends division of the Phillips/Fusion Soul bowl event this year, and killed it at the DEATHBOX demo up in Seattle for the HEY PUNK EmP Punkfest this year.

ERIC DRESSEN has been riding and filming for the new Indy film and DEATHBOX video, as well as putting the final touches on his new model for DEATHBOX. Aside from skating, Eric D. has been serving an apprentiship with a very well respected Japanese tattoo artist who has been showing him all the tricks of the trade.

MIKE FOLMER has been busy collecting and selling vintage skateboards, clothing, and other vintage collectables all over the south land. FOLMER tore the shit out of the EMP demo as well up in Seattle this year, and his deck has been one of our best sellers.

DAVID HACKETT has been very busy racing on the pro slalom circuit; he just took 1st place at the Sandia Banked Slalom event out in New Mexico Home of the Worldıs largest banks for skateboarding. Check this link for photos and clips of the spot. Hackett kills. In addition to his slalom exploits, HACKETT continues to run his design business and produce all the DEATHBOX artwork.

TOM WALLY INOUYE is just the coolest dude ever. While the whole DEATHBOX team was up on tour in Seattle, he came down from Oregon, took all the D-Boys to all the parks, and basically was the Host with the Most Style that is! Wally crossstepped his way (On coping) in every pool and at every session the crew threw down and he blasted some sick ass styly frontside airs too. The new Inouye model is coming soon with newer hardcore graphics and a smaller shape.

DOUG PINEAPPLE SALADINO was last seen ripping a mean high speed board slide about half way around the bowl at the new Clairemont park last week, so it is safe to assume that his recovery from the broken ankle he suffered at the Fusion Soul Bowl event a few months back is complete. Aside from his duties as a co-Deathbox owner, PINE is now responsible with ALL team rider budgets including Pro and Flow teams and Product development along with Hackett and Matt Barker of Tum Yeto.

WENTZLE RUML has been traveling around ripping local banks and pools back East And is schedualed to come out to New Mexico for some serious Bank riding at the end of Oct. During the EMP HEY PUNK show up in Seattle this year, The Rum held over 1000 people for a question and answer session after a showing of Dogtown and Z-Boys. For the full Q&A, go here: Ruml.

RICKY STILES has recently been signed to ride for the BOX and this guy JUST FRUCKINı KILLS IT!!! A native of So. Cal he now lives and rides up in the Seattle Oregon area where we hooked up with him. Hackett first saw him Rule The Pool At the DEATHBOX POOL PARTY held at the Pink Motel a while back. In addition to RICKY tearing shit up, his girlfriend Jessica blows minds as well and is riding DEATHBOX as well!! Look for new stuff about these two in future DEATHBOX Happenings!!

Congrats to Deathbox grom Nathan Groff who is the 1st place Overall series winner in the 8 and under Minis Div for the 2002 California Amatuer Skateboard League(C.A.S.L.) , In route to his series victory Nathan placed in the top 3 in 8 of 9 contest this season that included two 1st pl, three 2nd pl, three 3rd pl and one fifth pl finish. Next up is the State Championships in Dec.

In Between competing and school Nathan has had a busy last couple months doing demos with the Vans team and a recent trip with the DEATHBOX team to Seattle for the annual EMP/Hey Punk festival, Nathan and his dad Arab joined the rest of the Deathbox riders (Hackett, Pineapple, Bowman, Folmer, Wally, Wentzl, Demain, Ruel, Stiles) along with Duane Peters, Steve & Alexander Olson and Salba to do a Demo at the Seattle Center Skatepark in front of an estimated crowd of 3000, Thereafter, it was on to hangout backstage with the bands as the Skate Crew got to witness one of the Killer Punk events of the year with The Dickies, The Adolescents, Agent Orange, Angry Samoans, DP and the HUNNS featuring the ever so bad ass Corey Parks, The Dwarves, JFA, D.I., The Clay Wheels, The Briefs and the Dirty Birds. Legendary Video man and Former Marina Skatepark manager Ray Allen was on hand to capture all the action on film. All this and more in less then 24 hours was enough to take anybody down but not Nathan he was ready for more!!, as all the old guys were nursing wounds, hangovers and hunger he was caught terrorizing his hotel as any 8 yr old would do!

Did I mention that the new line up of DEATHBOX wheels have been out and kicking ass and taking names? Well, they are!! And they are made by the same mad scientists who make the ever popular Pig wheels (and we all know how good those are) the line up is:
58MM "SUPER SLASHERS" (101 Duro)
59MM "DEATHBOX DESTROYERS" (101 and 95 Duros)
60MM "F.S.U. DEATHBOX TEAM" (101 Duro)
61MM "BOX BURNERS" (101 Duro)
63MM "PIPE SMOKERS" (99 Duro)

Our mission at DEATHBOX is down and dirty...
Plain and simple, our crew is hardcore to the bone, and we intend to build unique and highly functional skateboards of ALL shapes and sizes that will shred, tear, shralp, devastate, and annihilate all riding surfaces and disciplines of TRUE, PURE, SKATEBOARDING; from the deepest pools to the tallest pipes. Every bank, school, park, bowl, rail, stair, pool, and anything and everything in between will get destroyed! come join us for the ride of your life. All DEATHBOX riders excel at EVERY discipline of skateboarding; (no one trick ponies here) pools, parks, pipes, flatland, rails, ditches, banks, slalom, downhill, ramps, street ANYTHING and EVERYTHING ANYTIME and ANYWHERE. DEATHBOX is committed to the ALL AROUND SKATER, and leads the way BACK TO THE FUTURE of the crowning of the next OVERALL WORLD CHAMPION. So remember, just when you think the skateboard world is all about shoe sales and rails....DEATHBOX will bring you back to the core....


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