Toy Machine Toy Machine is off the chains.

Ed Templeton is still not in this country. Hes cranking it over in Paris with his ESSENTIAL DISTURBANCE art show.

Watch out Houston! Austin Stephens, Josh Harmony, Diego The Butcher and Mike Burnett are cruzing out to Texas and meeting up with Nate Broussard to shred some western style for Thrasher. They are leaving on the 25th and will be out there until the 4th of November. Houston, we have a problem!

Since the rest of the team is going to Houston, that leaves Billy Marks as the lone gun to represent the Machine at the final Damn AM contest. Go cheer Billy on Oct. 25-27 at the Volcom warehouse in Costa Mesa. He will be there and will probably win. Is there really any doubt?

Posted October 17th, 2002 by el ztaffo

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