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Beagle and the F team are at it again. They are constructing or should I say destructing a new video. The 29 Days of Madness and Mayhem video is a tour video from the highly successful Foundation California tour. There will be lots of footy from the tour plus some other things they've gathered since then. The Foundation "Madness and Mayhem" summer tour video is done and should be in stores very soon. This video is full of great skating and everyday shinanigans that happen on tour. The great feel good video of the year!

Foundation's patented POP TOP decks can be found on selected pro boards now. The snappiest boards around!

Foundation's newest am Leo Romero tied for 3rd place with Jon Allie at the Tum Yeto/ Alien Workshop Coup De’tat San Dieguito Handrail Challenge last month. Good job Leo.

Congratulations to Justin Strubing who recently tied the knot to a Spanish Beauty.

Corey Duffel's Slap interview with talk and lots of bangers is out. This has been Corey's 6th full-length interview as an am! Including the last TWS 20 questions. Wow. Corey's Wheels of Fortune in 411 and a Thrasher video part will be out really soon. I hear they both are equally amazing!

Corey Duffel has moved down to San Diego with fellow teammates Ethan Fowler and Daniel Shimizu to work on an upcoming full length Foundation video featuring Daniel Shimizu, Corey Duffel, Ethan Fowler, Mike Rusczyk, Jon West, Justin Strubing, Gareth Stehr, and Leo Romero due out sometime in April.

Mike Rusczyk is back to 100% after a 9 month time out from knee surgery and has been killing it, and will have a part in the upcoming video due out in April.

Posted October 17th, 2002 by el ztaffo

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