Toy Machine Toy Machine is currently kicking booty!

The Toy Machine team is currently kicking tons of booty! Austin is off in SF filming for some 411 stuff and has plans later this month for him and Diego to hook up with Nate Broussard, Mike Burnett and some other heads for a Thrasher trip around Texas.

Dirty Billy Marks killed the San Dieguito handrail challenge and took home $10,000 with a b/s kick to feeble. Billy graciously purchased his ticket to heaven by donating 15% of his winnings to the Children’s Museum.

Josh Harmony is also up in SF filming and shooting. He’s hooking up with Greg Smith for a web-exclusive interview on

Ed Templeton just left this country to Paris for the ESSENTIAL DISTURBANCE art show. He’s all scheduled up for 2 weeks of art show and 2 weeks of skateboarding with Tosh, Ellington, Herman and Spanky. The artshow is right next to the Eiffel Tower so if you’re in Paris go look it up. There is more info, directions and metro stops on

Posted September 27th, 2002 by Anonymous bastard

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