Toy Machine A Pattern Forms

6895austints605_tiny.jpg 6895grifcigfoot_tiny.jpg
Austin gets up tailside style for today's skate flick.
Posted June 10th, 2010 by Escher Would Be Proud
that grif one should be in a gallery
Posted By: seanjohn on June 10th, 2010 at 11:08AM PST
Smoking with your feet and drinking some starbucks high quality water doesn't get goofier than that
Posted By: Spencer on June 10th, 2010 at 11:09AM PST
thats the word to describe the grif dog =Goofy! hahah
sorry by my bad english, im doing the best i can , somtimes its hard to give the right idea about my coments here!.

i love toy machine, it seems is a piece of 90s that survived to this decade, no days skateboarding its diffferent and toy machine had been the same, in graffics and skaters in the team, the same oldschool line...
Posted By: Aldo Di Bella on June 10th, 2010 at 11:31AM PST
What ever happened to those epic throw away posts that would take you like ten minutes to read.
Posted By: john on June 10th, 2010 at 12:26PM PST
Austin!! Lookin' sick!

Those them Downey spots, huh? Many a board lost in those sewers.
The spot's changed.
At least some skaters are innovative.

I got some quikcrete. I wanna build some ledges somewhere. Any idea where?

Is it cool to go skating with no shoes?
Posted By: Jacob on June 10th, 2010 at 12:36PM PST
If we got those ten minutes posts everyday, well, then they wouldn't be so magical.
I enjoy the single photo and 1 or two interesting photo updates still.

I want to see Austin killing himself for the new Toy video or anything.

My grandparents ain't no monkey. Well,maybe Grif's.

I like that Tea pot shape on that "cruiser". I still skate cruisers like normal, it makes things more fun than only those two kicktails.
Posted By: Jgonzalez on June 10th, 2010 at 04:35PM PST
starbucks water taste amazing. :D
Posted By: Kilgore Trout on June 10th, 2010 at 07:37PM PST
Posted By: DAVID on June 10th, 2010 at 10:57PM PST
The water really is the best at starbucks, Grif knows.
Posted By: Sad Stephen on June 11th, 2010 at 02:20AM PST
any brave street warrior wanna tell me where this downey spot is? cross streets? adjacent businesses?
Posted By: lurkr on June 11th, 2010 at 11:38PM PST
Dang. Can you tell me next time you go there please?

and @lurkr, it's in the riverbed near Firestone and the 605.
Posted By: on June 13th, 2010 at 10:36PM PST
It's next to a target. I'll give you that much...
Posted By: Devin on June 15th, 2010 at 01:19AM PST
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