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The Mighty Eric Dressen Has been seen filming for an upcoming segment for Fox sports net with Wee man, And some of the other 1984 crew. Eric has been riding the DEATHBOX logo I deck, while busy working on his new signature model with DEATHBOX

The Oz Fest is coming up on Aug. 31st, and since Folmer is tight with some of the bands that will be playing; looks like some of the "D-Boys" will be there. This year's "Hey Punk!" extravaganza at EMP (Experience Music Project) in Seattle is going to be all time! Many of the details (what bands, etc), are being worked out, but so far, here's the quick rundown:
8/23/02- films & panel discussion @ EMP
8/24/02- evening punk show @ EMP (hopefully the Circle Jerks)
8/25/02- outdoor skating & punk rock show @ Skatepark

Andrew McKeag has invited most of the DEATHBOX crew to come up and ride while punk bands thrash in the back ground. So far, it looks like:
Duane Peters, Doug "Pineapple" Saladino, Eric D., Dave Reul, Salba, Hackett, Olson, Ruml, Folmer, Demain, Nathan and Arab Groff, Inouye, Magnusson, Mike Smith, Lance Mountain (Tentative).
Now that will be a S-I-C-K session! Last year, Due to a knee surgery Hackett was the MC; this year, who knows who will step up to the mic! Maybe Pineapple since he is still recovering from a broken ankle. For more info contact:

Andrew McKeag/Public Programs Experience Music Project 2901 3rd Ave #400 Seattle, WA 98121 phone: 206.262.3431 fax: 206.770.2727

While we're on the subject of Pine's busted ankle, I finally got the details on how it went down: While practicing for the "Legends" division at last months "V-Bowl" contest in Hermosa beach, Pine went into a high speed board slide. While coming out of this move, he knew he was not going to make it, and went into a knee slide. Apparently, his right leg didn't come around fast enough; his toe caught on that super sticky surface and BAM! ? busted ankle. Immediately, Bowman, Elguera and Hackett jumped into the bowl to check out the situation and assist, Germ and Tesnar showed up with hammers in hands after jumping down the scaffolds and knocking the hatch door open to help their bro out. While carrying Pine out of the escape hatch, Bowman and Hackett told Pine that it's was just a sprain ... "Yeah right!" Bowman took pictures of the ankle while Pine lay quietly saying nothing and cracking jokes. Pine awaits Germ and Tesnar at the hospital for 1 1/2 hours (where could they be? we all know ...sessioning a pool nearby- of course!) Arab shows up after going to multiple hospitals. The results; Clean break on the right fibula, Doc inserted a plate and seven screws, 1-week later ... took the splint off and removed staples, cruising around on crutches, back in action in 4 months, been seen scoping out the new pool at the Clairmont "Y" in San Diego. Secretly jotting down lines. Will probably carve the fuck out of it and board slide around the whole deep end. Pine has also been seen down at ACE Tattoo in OB working on his leg piece. Pine will soon be a free and single man again, due to a divorce... ladies, feel free to send pics and get well cards to

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