Toy Machine Winner for the month of May!

Holy Crap-ole. Brien likes to eat ravi-ole, out of his mom's bowlie. What are you talking about Willis! The madman himself, Brien the eastcoast powerhouse, has really done it this time. He was randomly selected to be the recepient of a pharisaical box of Toy Machine corruption. He wins an Ed Templeton blue girl board, 2 100% pre-shrunk cotton tees, a long sleeve thermal, the new belt-laces, a pack of buttons, a new cone spike belt, the 56mm Team Monster wheel, a sect wallet to put into his new black denim pants, a blue devil cat cap and some stickers for his butt. If you want to see the stuff Brien won, you'll have go all the way to Tully, NY. Cause that's where he lives. Email me and I will send you his address and we can send him boxes of turds and chain letters and stuff.

To enter next months drawing you will have to use the dropping down, fully automatic Ally Oop! menu bar. Just click on contests dumbass.

Posted June 28th, 2002 by el ztaffo

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