Pig Wheels The obscure yet diminutive Pig Wheels.

Neil Heddings, the mastermind behind Roll Model Skateboards has quit the fire and is now on Pig Wheels. Neil brought Pig Pen along, so look for both to be rolling in the Pig.

A new Pig Pro Series is completed and Pig Wheels is Proud to announce that Austin Stephens and Don "The Nuge" Nguyen now have pro wheels out for Pig Wheels along with Ethan Fowler, Kris Markovich, Daniel Shimizu, Ryan Wilburn and Top Am Corey Duffel now has a New Am wheel out now! By them now!

Pig Bearings now come in cool Pig face tins. They are awesome!!!

Pig engineers have been working on an in-destructible Ceramic bearing that will top any other bearing made and should be coming soon!

Madman Neil Hedding's is now a proud rider for Pig Wheels. See his wheel soon!

"Pig Wheels just don't flat spot like the rest, they're the BEST!"

Pig Duffel bags will be a hot item for this summer on all your skateboarding trips. They have a cool new inside laundry bag to keep those stinky dirty clothes away from your fresh clothes.

Pig premium tees will be coming out soon with limited edition graphics on them. These shirts are 100% cotton, a lot thinner and softer too. They ROCK!

The Pig team designed a new light weight jean that is slim fitting and has a stretch denim that is excellent for skateboarding and picking up hot chicks!

Posted June 25th, 2002 by porky

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