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Doug "Pineapple" Saladino broke his ankle last weekend at the Hermosa Beach Bash "V" Bowl event while bailing out of a high-speed board slide. The infamous bowl measures 100 feet long, 30 feet wide, 10-foot tyrannies with 1-1/2 foot of vert. The surface of this beast is super sticky and not fun to bail in. Fellow Deathbox teammate David Hackett tore the ACL in his left knee 2 years ago and just now dropped back in to compete in the "Grand Masters" division of the weekend. Both Hackett and Pine say the bowl has "Bad JuJu" so beware! Next event in the beast will be in Huntington on August 2, 2002. We wish Pine a super quick recovery. Highlights of the event were Brad Bowman showing up the day of the event, (with no practice) to tear the place up!!! Hackett skated stylish and strong, but not tricky enough to place in the top 3. But the biggest surprise was seeing the legendary high air master Tony Magnussen decked out in Deathbox gear, ripping hard and going big in the Masters' division.

We are F@#KIN' STOKED to report that our first run of DEATHBOX decks sold out within the first week of hitting the warehouse! The new boards are blowing minds and selling through quite well at better retail outlets and hardcore skateshops. DEATHBOX plans on releasing some new pro decks and some super top-secret limited edition decks in the next 6 months!! So keep you eye out for DEATHBOX.

It is now confirmed and official: The newest Deathbox team riders are Dave "The Rueler" Ruel, and The Mighty Eric Dressen!!! Check out the new Thrasher for photos of Eric D. and The Rueler is currently raging and ripping out at the Skatopia complex where the skate party of the year is going off!!

Tom "Wally" Inouye met with Mt Hood. High Cascade camp director (Angela Jolly) and the skate Director (Steve Everly) to talk things over about Deathbox being involved with the camp this summer. They are very stoked to have Deathbox be apart of the program. The camp on Mt Hood. High Cascade is going into their 14th year for the snowboard end of the camp. Vans purchased the camp last year and has added an all skate camp last year. From last year to this year they are going to double the size of the camp. The skate camp will have 7 sessions that will get under way starting June 10. Angela informed me that the sessions are fully booked at 60 to 80 kids per week. The snowboard side will also have 7 sessions running at the same time and are all booked at 240 kids! About 2000 kids will attend the camp as well as all the pros and countless of visitors to the facility.

The skate facility is going to be awesome with the Van's triple crown ramps making up the street course and they will have a vert ramp, mini spine, as well as two bowl ramps. Deathbox supply them with demo's of all our pro models and a couple of logo boards (2 mini and 2- 8.25 logo) The kids will get to taste something other than a Popsicle!

David Hackett and Tony Magnussen of Osiris shoes will be leaving for a ten-day surf and skate trip in Hawaii where they will hook up with Jay Adams. They will be filming for the upcoming pool riding documentary "Chlorine" and shooting surf footage for the new Osiris surf video as well. Jay will be testing out his new signature shoe by Osiris and his new DEATHBOX deck as well as shralps all the pools, and parks in town and on the North Shore.

The La Costa Open Slalom Race Is On!! - La Costa, CA. July 20-21. The format will be a two-day event, which will consist of two races, a dual format race and a second specialty event, which may or may not be a dual race (e.g. Super G, Tight Slalom, Giant Slalom, Bank Slalom etc.), which compliments the venue. Racers will compete in either Pro Class or Open Class. The courses for Pro and Open may differ to accommodate the different experience levels typically found between the classes. Dual events will be in a standard 32-racer single elimination format with seeding based on the better of two qualifying runs. Single course races will be won based on the best two combined runs of four. Look for Deathbox All Around Skaters to be there racing hard in our own backyard!!!

Deathbox team rider Mike Folmer is doing a Hawaiian show on June 23rd in Hermosa. This show will feature vintage Hawaiian, surfing, and skateboarding. This would be Last year legendary Z-Boy Shogo Kubo was signing boards at his booth with Wes Humpston from Bull Dog Designs. Do we want to do the same? Folmer will have the whole new Deathbox line on the back wall. Tiki style of course.

OG Z-Boy, Style master, and Deathbox team member Wentzle Ruml has been ripping hard on his new "flat nose" WR IV Canyon Pool Model in his hometown of Well Fleet. News reporters are still chasing him down for the "Story behind the story" on the Dog Town and Z-Boys flick - He ain't talking - just having fun!

Word on the street is that Jay Adams is designing a Grind King truck model. Shoes first, now trucks? Jay is like a Ralph Lauren designer for skateboarding.

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