Deathbox The Jay Adams Pool Duel.

The Jay Adams Invitational - UNDERGROUND POOL DUEL

Upon his release this week from a Hawaiian State Correctional facility, O.G. Z-boy and skateboard legend Jay Adams announced his plan to throw the contest of the millennium. An invitational backyard “Pool Duel” where only 25 of the gnarliest of the gnarr will be invited to participate. Jay’s main sponsors, Osiris shoes and Deathbox skateboards have agreed to participate as title sponsors and Jay expects 3 or 4 more, core skateboard manufacturers to “step up” and “throw down” the balance of the $100,000.00 total budget. Jay says, “This will be the first time some real money will be won in a backyard pool!”

“These will be the most important pool contest series since the “Hester Series” back in ’78 says Osiris shoe chief Tony Magnussen, Co-Organizer and Co-Promoter, along with Deathbox brand manager David Hackett, who added “Just witnessing the event will be insane, let alone riding it.” – I hope some other hard-core sponsors take this opportunity to align themselves with this historic event.

The 3 part series will take place in 3 undisclosed backyard swimming pools in late September or early November 2002. Twenty-five invitees will be hand chosen by Jay Adams with 5-10 backups or stand by riders ready to bust hard. Each event will be filmed for release on video. This will be a one of a kind event!

Posted June 25th, 2002 by shralper

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