Zero What has Zero been up to?

Zero has just revamped the Zero Wheels program so look out for all new product, including many different styles of wheels and a grip of new ads featuring the whole Zero team, coming soon.

Check either your local or not so local shops for the newly released ZERO HARDWARE. Guaranteed to hold your board together better than any bolts made.

Jamie Thomas - Jamie has been busy as always. He and most of the Zero team have been traveling throughout the states and even abroad in Europe filming for Dying To Live. Jamie's recent coverage should speak for itself, with the cover of Thrasher Magazine, July 2002 Issue #258, Jamie is definitely proving once again he's on a mission and will stop at nothing until completion. You can also check for an exclusive online interview or check out the new Transworld Skateboarding Magazine for a C1RCA Japan trip with some surprise photos of The Chief. Jamie's upcoming trips include a 7-day mission/outreach/demo tour to Ireland with Calvary Chapel's "Church's from all over". Check back here for times, dates and all scheduled stops. You can also keep up with all of Jamie's new shoes coming out @ or click on the shoe link on his profile page at Also, keep checking for constant updates and surprises.

Adrian Lopez - Adrian has also been present on the many film trips and allegedly has been laying it down. Adrian is more focused than ever and is definitely working hard on his part for Dying To Live. You can check out his online interview @ as well as some new ads coming soon. Adrian is planning on returning to Europe in the next few months for some unfinished business as well as a few trips across the U.S. Adrian's C1rca shoe is also doing well and getting nothing but positive feedback from everyone that wears them. The shoe is comfortable, affordable and skates like no other. You can peep them at either or click on the shoe link on his profile page at Also, keep checking for constant updates and surprises.

Matt Mumford - Mumford has been shredding pools and terrain of all sorts around the San Diego area. Look out for him displaying his aussie concrete roots on some pools in upcoming magazines. Mumford is recovering from a minor ankle injury as we speak and by the time you read this he'll be back on his board laying it down for the video. You can get a glimpse of him on his new Harley in his newest Globe ad, it features Matt looking all-tough like Mad Max. Also keep checking for constant updates and surprises.

John Rattray - John's first Zero boards have finally hit the street. He has 2 to choose from, Stitches and Good vs. Evil. If your shop doesn't have them yet, tell them to order them right away. John is currently living in Barcelona and skating constantly. U.S. immigration has just granted John a work visa for his skateboard talents, which means he may travel back and forth to the U.S. as he pleases. This will be key with his plans on moving back to the states in September. The Zero team ran into an energized Rattray in Barcelona and could barely keep up with him. Rattray has a mini interview in Transword Skateboarding Mag so be sure to check that out. I'll keep everyone updated on his whereabouts and upcoming trips, demos, and travels. Also keep checking for constant updates and surprises.

Chris Cole - Chris is the newest addition to the team and everyone over here is excited, and for a good reason. Chris brings technical skateboarding to gnarly obstacles like nobody else. This year is already going extremely well for Chris and it's only looking up. He has nothing but amazing coverage in every magazine, including his full interview in the Am issue of Transworld Skateboarding Magazine, his full part in the soon to be released new Transworld Video titled "In Bloom" and filming non-stop for Dying To Live. His missions will continue throughout the summer and by the end of 2002 Chris Cole will be a household name. Chris's name was recently removed from the Darkstar Wheels team and added to the Zero Wheels lineup, which is picking up steam as you read. He has too many trips planned to list, but as soon as we get dates and stops we'll be sure to post them for your viewing pleasure. Also keep checking for constant updates and surprises.

Ryan Smith - Ryan continues to produce footage and photos as he works on an impressive list of respectable sponsors. He now rides for CCS Mail-order, DC Shoes, RDS, Zero Skateboards, and most recently has switched from Ricta to Zero Wheels. You can check out a trick tip from Mr. Smithers on DCSHOECO.COM that will definitely give some insight to his talent on a skateboard. Ryan has some photos in the new Thrasher Magazine Photo Issue, so be sure to check that out. He just recently came back to California after recovering from an elbow injury. Smith is back on track finishing his part for Dying To Live. His Work Visa is also in the works so he should be a permanent Californian resident shortly. We'll keep you posted on his travel plans as we know them. Also keep checking for constant updates and surprises.

Ryan Bobier - Bobier is skating harder than ever. He is constantly working on the video and taking advantage of all the traveling. He recently went on his first trip to Europe and obviously enjoyed the time off from school. He has a few tricks in the new 411 On Video so be sure to check that out, also he's going on an Adio/Zumiez Tour with the Adio team and the dates and stops will be listed below. We're not sure what part of the tour he'll be on, but keep an eye out for him. The Adio video "One Step Beyond" was just released on DVD so be sure to pick up a copy, Ryan has some bonus footage that you need to see. Also keep checking for constant updates and surprises.

Jon Allie - Jon also left the states for the first time on Zero's most recent trip to Europe. Jon is skating constantly and looking forward to the summer travel plans. He also has some tricks in the new On Video, so be sure to get it. We would love for you to sleep on Jon Allie, so his part in Dying To Live will wake you up. Also keep checking for constant updates and surprises.

Lindsey Robertson - Lindsey has recently taken a few east coast trips to film for his part in Dying To Live. He's scheduled to come to California soon and continue filming but is trying to get himself a car first. It seems his first ride "The Buick" seems to overheat on the way to skate spots so he's in the market for either a better Buick or a radiator. Other than that he's been skating a lot in Miami and trying to finish a project for strength with his homie Ian. More news about "coke bottles" soon. Also keep checking for constant updates and surprises.

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