Tum Yeto Results from Copenhagen.

This just in! Caswell Berry is amazing! Can you believe that this mofo just placed 2nd at the Scandinavian Open this weekend. Bastien Salabanzi narrowly defeated him by 5 points. Boy I tell ya what, this kid is killing it. This pre-qualifies Caswell to 7th place for the semi-finals.

The other qualifiying results from the Scandinavian Open. Ed Templeton locked in a solid 4th place. While Diego Bucchieri pulled in at 13th, just barely beating Justin Strubing at 16th. At the same time Ethan Fowler's first pro contest since many years captured 18th. These are the qualifying results. Next contest is the Grand Prix in Laussane.

Look for the Foundation team to be stoping by local shops to do demos and signings on the way there and inbetween contests. Check the events page to find out where.

Posted June 24th, 2002 by el ztaffo

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