Foundation Chaos tour update.

Report from Charlie Thomas. On the road....

Foundation crew crushes Oregon in one day. Tony Silva grinded a corner kinked rail. That's right a kink that goes around a corner. Corey Duffel was the tough guy of the day with a k-grind, backside 50-50, and feeble on a super kinked rail with steps as long as sidewalks. As if this was not enough, he did a front side board slide on a 12-stair rail with little or no room for landing. He then kick flipped over a quite large street barrier with a sign and a sand bag as a launching pad. This was all accomplished in one day.

The whole F crew then proceeded to destroy the Department of Skate Works Park in Portland. They shook some hands at skate shop Cal's Pharmacy and called it a day. They’re on their way to Exit Real world Salem, OR to decimate the remainder of the state. Now why do they call Oregon the beaver state?

Posted April 29th, 2002 by el ztaffo

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