Deathbox This just in. Deathbox rules.

THIS JUST IN!!! DEATHBOX SKATEBOARDS Is currently finalizing production on their new pro line of decks to be done and ready to ship early May 2002.

The elusive Jay Adams has been working with Hackett and Tony Mag on the new Jay Adams Design Osiris shoe to be released by the end of this year; in the meantime Jay has been destroying coping and sessioning some killer pools over in Hawaii filming for the new poolriding documentary “Chlorine”.

Deathbox and Osiris shoes are sponsoring the “King of Kona” contest in JAX Florida. David Hackett and Mike Folmer were there from the 11th through the 17th at the event…formerly known as The Longboard Skateboard World Championships, Hackett will be judging along with OG’s Steve Olson, old Z-Flex team member George Wilson, and Wounded Knee’s Andy Kessler. Look for Olson and Hackett to compete in the infamous banked slalom event where they are expected to take all the money!! The Florida Old School skate jam will be hosted at the Kona park on Sat. night during the event. Kona expects about a thousand in attendance? Floridian legends Bruce Walker, Reggie Barnes, Mike McGill, Alan Gelfand, Mike Folmer, Mark Lake, Shawn Peddie, and Florida favorite Kelly Lynn.

Destroy All Monthly music magazine just interviewed Doug “Pineapple” Saladino and Hackett for their upcoming issue, to talk about the Old days and what’s happening these days with DEATHBOX SKATEBOARDS.

On April 21 some of the Deathbox boys competed in the Catalina Classic Slalom contest held on the island over that weekend. Some heavy raging and all nighters to happened in between contest days. The last time the event was held was 25 years ago? Hackett took 5th in the Slalom. This year, he showed the rewards of being an all around hardcore skater by challenging all comers.

Rumor has it that a big meeting of all the DEATHBOX OG’s is to take place sometime at the end of the month in conjunction with the premiere of the DogTown and Z-Boys movie. Hackett, Ruml, Inouye, Pineapple, Swank, Bowman, and Folmer will be joining Denise Richards, Sean Penn, Stacy Peralta, Carmen Electra, Tony Alva, Pamela Anderson, Jack Nicholson, and a cast of thousands to the LA event and an after party scheduled to be OFF THE HOOK!

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