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The Foundation team is in full force planning this years touring schedule. Look out for a full frontal assault this year with lots of coordination and combined efforts. Foundation’s summer tour is tentatively being worked on for August. Hitting only the best demos from last year, plus some great new locations. If your over in Europe you can count on the guys showing up at the Grand Prix, Lausanne and Dortmund, making us a truly international team of Hooligans. Not including all the ‘here and there’ missions. If you don’t see us this year, your not looking.

After losing 32 lbs Justin Strubing is feeling a lot better! He just came down to SD to hang for a few days and was eating everything in site. Watch out for Justin Strubing and friends in the May issue of Strength.

Corey Duffel is nursing his broken collarbone from his run in with a High School wrestling coach. Word is he lost his board while skating a roof gap. When Corey made it down to get his board he was greeted by the wrestling coach. He chased the coach into the jim trying to get his board back where the coach then proceed to show his students how to do a typical blindsided jock move that ended up breaking Corey’s collarbone. Other than that Corey is amped to get better so he can show everyone how to get things done. Watch out for a lot of cool things and some badazz coverage of Corey real soon. I heard he gots the cover of both Slap and Thrasher!

Keep your eyes peeled for the Foundation’s new Pop-Top boards. The Top ply is a secret in construction behind the snap composite. It’s 4 times stronger than other boards and has a lasting pop. Ethan Fowler rode the same one for 2 weeks while in Australia.

And the fabled new Foundation day pack is available now! Lightweight and strong with all the amenities, comes with a main compartment, lots of pockets, a patented “EZ Access” board holder, CD holder and contoured straps.

Why are yous sitting infront of yous computer? Go eat or something!

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